Tutorial / Using with Max/MSP


Open the file [gainer.io.c1.help] in Max/MSP. A serial port error message may appear in the Max window. This is because the port specified in the .help file is not the same as the port in use. Click the "print" message box. available ports will appear in the Max window. By default, the Message Box patch is set to port [b] Change this to [a] or [c] using the edit command. Save the file. The Max/MSP window should display the gainer firmware number when the file is saved. If the firmware does not appear in the window, try another port.

When the gainer firmware number appears, confirm communication between Max/MSP and the Gainer Module with the following two tests:

Push the on/off button located at the bottom of the Gainer Module. The メbutton onモ and メbutton offモ should flash inside the patch. Toggle the LED on/off button in the open Max/MSP patch. The LED located on the Gainer Module should turn on and off.

Your Gainer module and Max/MSP are now communicating successfully!

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