About / Physical Computing Workshop (MINI)


  • Date: 2007.2.23 12:30-14:30
  • Venue: Softopia Japan Center Building IAMAS Media Labo
  • Capacity: about 10 (reservations are not necessary)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Platform: Gainer + Flash


Shigeru Kobayashi
Toolkit Designer. Lecturer at International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. Formerly a technician and a sound designer (for musical synhtesizers) in an electronic musical instrument company from 1993, I became a lecturer at IAMAS in July 2004 teaching physical computing. Main interests are electronic instruments and user interfaces. My current major research is GAINER.

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2007-02-25 22:20 :: Finished

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2007-02-20 22:00 :: Updated

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2007-02-19 23:30 :: Updated

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2007-01-06 22:46 :: Stay tuned...

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