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The Gainer I/O module consists of the following components:

  • a PSoC microcontroller (CY8C29466, Cypress)
  • a USB-to-UART bridge (FT232RL, FTDI)
  • an I/O module PCB board (original)
  • resistors, capacitors, LEDs and so on

The PSoC microcontroller is the key component of the Gainer I/O module. The PSoC microcontroller is a mixed signal array with unique features. Main features of the Gainer I/O module are:

  • configurable analog/digital port settings from various configurations
  • PGA (Programmable Gain Amplifier) for analog inputs up to 48.0 times

The user can purchase assembled modules from SparkFun Electronics (DEV-08480, re-designed by SparkFun). The user can also purchase all necessary components themselves from online shops (e.g. Digi-Key Corporation, Mouser Electronics, Inc. etc.). The PCB is designed with EAGLE (CadSoft Computer GmbH), and the user can order I/O module boards to a PCB manufacturer (e.g. OLIMEX Ltd. or proper board-houses).

The total cost of an I/O module is roughly US$30 (prices may vary). The bill of materials for Gainer v1.0.0 is here. You can download firmwares and hardware designs from the Download page.

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